Book Cover

When my husband was very ill, I had a desire to help him record his life stories as a gift for his children and young grandchildren. To facilitate that, I compiled a list of interview questions.  My husband was so sick that he rarely spoke, but when I asked him the interview questions, his energy would return and he would become very animated as he told his stories and I wrote down his answers. I illustrated the pages and created a book, a LOVE MEMOIR about his life.

 The creation of this memoir made our last year together richer.  As his young grandchildren have matured, they have come to know and understand their grandfather better through rereading this book.  It is now a TREASURED FAMILY KEEPSAKE.                                   

Next I used the interview questions on my mother at 89. Once I started writing her answers in the book, I couldn't get her to stop talking about her past.  Now, after her death,  I am so glad that we had these wonderful conversations spurred by my interview book.

It occurred to me that other people would enjoy a colorful workbook like this to preserve family history with interview questions and answers.  It is an easy, enjoyable way to enhance your photo albums, scrapbooking and your geneology information.  It is my hope that I can share this memoir workbook with you and your family.